La Casita de Turrón




Roberto Molina Tondopó (1978, Tuxtla Gutierrez) brings together a childlike vision and an adult perspective in order to activate an inescapable urge to channel out the pulsations living somewhere in the back of his head; going back in time, sometimes reluctantly, to that place where the vivid memory still reaches out to his present in the form of panic attacks, anxiety issues and other uncomfortable consequences.

Through the lives of his nephews, the photographer seeks to revisit those stories from his childhood - fairy tales - that shaped his own identity as he grew up. Half real and half fiction, it deals about issues of violence, child abuse and rites of passage. Tondopó was awarded the runner-up prize at the GUP portfolio review session in the Gimnasio de Arte on September 27, 2011.

Roberto Tondopó was featured in GUP#32, the Mexico issue, in the bookmarks section.