Road Wallah



London-based photographer Dougie Wallace, 'Glasweegee', is known for his expressive street photography. For his latest project Road Wallah he takes us behind the wheels of Bombay's cab drivers. Wallace directs his focus to the once ubiquitous Premier Padmini taxis that were introduced in Bombay in the 60s. The iconic vehicles are on the verge of being banned from the streets, following a decree to replace over 25-year old cars with 'modern alternatives'. Wallace thus sees capturing the road wallah's cabs as stepping into a time capsule. The images reflect the chaotic, noisy and sometimes claustrophobic workplace of the drivers who spend up to 24 hours a day in their cabs. The unique decor of the cabs, the clients on the back seats and the crowded Bombay streets add up to dynamic single frames. The frontal shots of the drivers' faces cause for a slight distortion of dimensions and contribute to the intensity and density of the atmosphere, leading to the irresistible authenticity of Wallace's portraits.

See more of Dougie Wallace's work on his website.