Rhythm of Nature



Photographer Yan Kallen was born in Hong Kong in 1981. In that city, the ancient tradition of broom making can still be found. Kallen was attracted to the process when, around one year ago, he came across the first broom in his old neighborhood Sheung Wan and decided he had to make his series Rhythm of Nature to give this ancient art the homage it deserves.

He began a search for this endangered craftsmanship in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China and he was able to find many workshops in the rural areas of these countries. He made the brooms into what can almost be called floral portraits, emphasizing both the beauty and fragility that they bring with them. Being made with different techniques and materials, each broom tells something about the area that it's from, so that the pictures each hold a different story of generations of artisans that practiced their particular branch of broom making to perfection. A craftsmanship that will most likely soon be lost.