Just Dad



Renate Beense's series Just Dad is a tribute to her father, which shows the admiration and simultaneous irritation for her dad's particular way of life. The series explores his habits and likings in a humorous way and Beense's own vision of the story - she documents him as a poet, notorious smoker and collector of newspapers. Just Dad is a collection of portraits, objects, and daily life scenes, aiming to show the loving portrait of a father deviating from the norm. It is also a reflection of her roots, as she recognises herself in him. Beense says of her work: "In my photography I balance between tragedy and comedy. To be able to laugh gives strength, it connects and it makes difficult subjects accessible. Humour and energy are therefore elements of which I strive to as much as possible”.

Renate Beense just won the IPL at Leiden photo festival and has been nominated for SO2014 (a list of 28 photographers).