Proposition One: Only the ephemeral



Spanish photographer Max de Esteban's series Proposition One depicts obsolete technology products for communicating and producing art in his very own x-ray, mortuary quality. The vestiges of the object's inner structure can be clearly identified while others fade or have disappeared, comparable to decomposing organic bodies. By eliminating the objects' individual peculiarities, each photograph becomes a generic symbol of decay and death. With Proposition One, de Esteban examines the consequences of today's accelerated embracement of new technologies and formats in the art practice, the political implications of technical and functional obsolescence, and the conflicts involved in the concept of progress.

The process of making these images is lengthy and delicate as the machines need to be disassembled into pieces, each piece then needs to be painted in white, and while reassembling it, images are shot at the different stages and the layers are then reworked digitally. The German TV Deutsche Welle did a feature for its cultural program about the making of these images, see the video here.

Max de Esteban is represented by Klompching Gallery, NYC.