Proposition Four: Heads Will Roll



Spanish photographer Max de Esteban (b. 1959) continues his line of 'propositions' with number four: Heads Will Roll. De Esteban creates seduc­tive photo collages made of film stills, flower photos, and fragments of text to convey the essence of the parameters that are penetrated by the postmodern patchwork of our lives. The images are disoriented, deranged. Overwhelmed by colours and shapes from combinations of media, they're simultaneously somehow erotic and disturbing.

De Estaban says of the series: "Contemporary life shares, with equal strength, signs of the real and simulacra, of the past and the present, of images, texts and sounds. There are no master trajectories, no linear narratives, but multiple possible routes, all equally valid."

Proposition Four: Heads Will Roll will be released as a book by Hatje Cantz in September 2014. You can see more from De Esteban's Propositions series in our online portfolio: Proposition One: Only the Ephemeral.