Photo Quai Preview



We hereby present you a sneak preview of the 4th edition of the PHOTOQUAI 2013 world photography biennale in Paris.

Related to the PHOTOQUAI photo biennale, the musée du quay Branly has implemented an artistic creation subsidy program, giving several non-European and non-North-American contemporary artists the chance to submit a project related to the theme 'Where Cultures Meet'. The photographic works created so far all contribute to a testimony of a different outlook on the world. For the artists, it is an out-of-place residency that can take them closer or further: some stayed in their own countries while others came to Paris or travelled to wherever it was they had chosen to execute their project.

Photographers in order of appearance:

Alejandro Cartagena

Daria Tuminas

Dhruv Malhotra

Evgenia Arbugaeva

Gustavo Lacerda

Hein Kuhn Oh

José Luis Cuevas

Roberto Molina Tondopo

Rony Zakaria

Stanley Fung

Wasma Mansour

Yaakov Israel

PHOTOQUAI 2013 opens on September 17 and runs until November 17. For more info see our exhibition guide.