Where The Land Rises



On January 23, 1973, a previously unknown volcano erupted on the Icelandic island of Heimaey, splitting the island open and eventually, increasing its size by 20%. Scottish photographer Peter Holliday travelled to the volcanically active archipelago in 2014 to document the island and discover the people who live there, shown in his series Where the Land Rises. Snow covered, dramatic landscapes highlight the harshness of nature, whilst old paintings of the island hung up on walls demonstrate just how much the eruption has altered the scenery. Portraits of residents also form part of the series: they are at home and yet seem troubled, aware of the restless nature of this Icelandic island. Holliday’s work explores the connection between the ever-changing environment and man, longing for order and stability.

Peter Holliday was one of the 38 photographers selected for the shortlist of GUP#47, our 10th anniversary issue, for which an Open Call was held. The issue can be ordered on our webshop.