Paloma al aire



Paloma al aire by Ricardo Cases introduces to the practice of pigeon racing in the Spanish regions of Valencia and Murcia. In a game where dozens of male pigeons chase a female one to catch her attention, a community of pigeon keepers measures their projected virility against each other. From the beginning, the pigeons are trained and raised in their destination to mate. Painted in a combination of primary colours, the pigeons become a representation of their keepers including their sportive, economic and sexual success or failure.

Cases's colourful and dynamic images refer to ethnographic rituals and serves as witness to the childlike playfulness of seasoned men. Documenting a macho culture on its own terms, the series unveils its humorous value with consideration for the comic potential of a group of men running through the fields of their hometowns to observe and discuss the mating performances of their painted pigeons.  

Paloma al aire will be on display at the AnzenbergerGallery in Vienna until January 31, 2015. The work has also been published as a book and is available at the AnzenbergerGallery bookshop