Antoine d'Agata (b. 1961, France) is a Magnum photographer exploring the darkest sides of life, with drug-fuelled sex binges bleeding over the edges of depravity. Over the last several years, he has photographed these encounters with prostitutes and narcotics, combining them into several bodies of work, including his books Ice and Agonie. Destroying the line between living and making art, his images are autobiographical, animalistic, and often as horrifying as they are beautiful. The works included in this portfolio are an excerpt from his exhibition Odysseia at Kahmann Gallery, representing some of the more abstract imagery. While these projects often stray into clearly represented vulgarity, showing sex and blood with little left to the imagination, these images are more forgiving and arguably romantic, as bodies contort into emotion.

To learn more about Antoine d’Agata, read our recent interview with him, and if you’re close to Amsterdam, be sure to check out the full exhibition at Kahmann Gallery, on display until November 11, 2012.