Eleven years ago a successful marketing strategist decided to take his life in a completely new direction by following his heart. Erik Hijweege (The Netherlands, 1963) chose photography. He completed many commercial assignments for interesting companies and from 1998 won various national and international prizes, including for photos from his own project NOIR. For this project he undertook three expeditions to Senegal, Namibia and Botswana. There he photographed different African tribes in an unusual way: detached from their surroundings, isolated in his improvised mobile photo studio. This is where their beauty comes to the fore.

In NOIR, black blends seamlessly with white, because Hijweege also photographs Senegalese albinos. The fragility of these extraordinary people is almost tangible in the series. Over and above his photographic work, Hijweege is also involved in something very different, which we think is really cool: together with the African Albinos foundation he helps distribute tubes of sun cream, a product that can make the daily life of an albino much more bearable.

To see more work of Erik Hijweege visit his website.