The Land Between Us



Ning Kai (b. 1987, China) and Sabrina Scarpa (b. 1991, NL) have been a photographic duo since 2013. In their series The Land Between Us, the duo aims to show the moments of revelation, equality and intimacy that they see within thinly populated areas. With a series of vague, dreamy photographs, submerged in soft prism light, they created a paradise-like world of their own.

Kai and Scarpa explain: “We wish to surround ourselves by places and people that bring out the core of humanity, brings us back to our natural roots, to aim for a state of being in which the boundary between our cultures and backgrounds seems to blur.” From east to west, they seek places and people that bring them closer to nature, to capture the organic poetry and harmony that they witness therein.

The series presents structures of outstretched landscapes, vital green leaves and crystal clear water that fade away behind glimpses of luminous sunlight, allowing us to share in the experience of brightness and quietness found in the earthly paradise that the duo discovered within wilderness.