New Order




These architectural images by Astrid Korntheuer (1979, Germany) at first appear as a subliminal mess: balloons, tubes, paper snippets, pieces of cardboard, fabrics, and plastic – you name it. It is hard to distinguish them as individual items, but seen together, they start to work as colourful conglomerates of objects and structures; energetic and curious alliances between disorder and abundance, referring to both the abstract and figurative, the fantastic and the actual. The components taking part in this confusion share the quality of having a rapidly perishable nature, but thus constructed, somehow refuse to function as ‘trash’. With the support of the artist, they actually start to perform a more organized and enduring state of being. Through the strategic placement of lights on the set, and by creating compositional patterns, Korntheuer manages to bring to life an alternative natural state of things: symmetric picture puzzles manifested in a complete but ephemeral presence.