Full Shade / Half Sun



Peace, love and paradise: Indian photographer Néha Hirve (b.1992) gives us a glimpse inside the utopia-like Sadhana Forest community in her most recent series Full Shade / Half Sun. This community replants trees to shelter the dried-out ground in India’s dying rainforests. “Now, the jungle is looking like a womb again,” Hirve says. “The air in the tropics is like warm honey, viscous, sticky, filling the ears until the sounds of the outside world are far away.”

Hirve penetrated into this remote world for more than two months to capture the group beyond first impressions. Her idyllic photographs are infused with the communal back-to-nature-spirit as she captures the people and their active participation in an affectionate glow. You get the feeling they only live in the magical hours of sunrise and sunset, emphasizing the philosophical relationship between humans and nature.