Murder of Birds



Murder of Birds is an autobiographical street photography project by Jason Paul Roberts (USA), produced as a response to personal conflict, in an effort to escape a period of hopeless isolation. In 2013, Roberts' partner of 23 years suffered a mental breakdown, following years of depression. During that time, he devoted his life to her care and well-being, meanwhile finding emotional solace through the abstract illustration of his situation in photography. Though Roberts took on full-time care for his partner, eventually the situation grew too potent for the relationship to withstand, and after eight months they parted ways.

The images portray Roberts' dip into the disconnected world: with effortless framing, sharp contrast and unexpected points of focus, his images initiate an unsettling shadow play detached from reality. Within his personal expression, Roberts creates a sequence that is like a disorientated wandering between the beauty and beast of life, inviting the viewer to participate in the oppressive experience behind his story.