Nunuche (Ninny)




Nudists are given new places to explore in this beautifully absurd series of photographic collage art by French duo Mazaccio & Drowilal. Working with found photos as well as their own original imagery, Elise Mazac (1988) and Robert Drowilal (1986) take images out of context and create new stories with them, often to bizarre and humorous effect. Their series Nunuche (Ninny) got started when Elise found an old collection of kitchen paper towels that she had collected as a child. Each patterned with some landscape scene or holiday theme, the paper towels serve as the background for some enthusiastic naturalist visitors as they engage in mundane activities like biking, swimming or gardening. The new creations become celebrations of kitsch living, as the small people in the wide open landscapes of the textured paper towels make themselves at home – they may seem a little ridiculous, but they’re having a great time.

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