Tribe – Somewhere under the Rainbow



A space away from consumerism, capitalism and mass media… does this even exist? The Rainbow Gatherings prove there is, at least temporarily, as people congregate in remote settings around the world to live embraced by nature and kindness. The events overflow with the ideals of harmony: there is no hierarchic structure, food is commonly distributed and every group action is decided through a “talking circle”.

For the last twenty years, Slovenian photographer Matjaz Krivic (b. 1972) has visited the gatherings around Europe, capturing these new age social utopias with their distinct ethos, rituals and codes. In his series Tribe, he suggests how the pursuit of individual enlightenment and collective solidarity meet and intertwine. His intimate approach mirrors the same empathy and tolerance extolled by the gatherings. From mystic shots during campfires to intimate relations in vivid landscapes, Krivic’s series shows us the multiple faces of the Rainbow Gatherings.