Made In



Cristina de Middel (b. 1975, Spain) had an instant hit on her hands with her self-published book The Afronauts. She follows it up with a multimedia project called Made In, about the ever-growing economic powerhouse that is China, a nation that exports products all over the world, and yet, due to censorship and an authoritative government, reveals very little about itself to the outside world.  In a series of street photos, de Middel documents the angst-filled new generation of Chinese youth, their habits and everyday challenges.

Specifically choosing a more personal approach rather that an attempt at pure photojournalism, as she did in The Afronauts, the images display an emotional uncertainty. She says of her approach: "With this essay I take a step forward in my conviction on the idea that explicit, beautiful and literal images have little room left in the future of serious reporting with the current crisis of the media. I bet on the subjectivity and the opinion-based stories as I engage myself on documenting my presumed reality rather than the Capital Letters Truth I do no trust anymore."

To learn more about Made In, read our interview with Cristina de Middel. You can also view the video presentation she made at Slideluck Potshow London in April 2012.