Los Niños




When he was a child growing up in Hermita de Guadalupe, Mexico, Joaquin Trujillo (Zacatecas, 1976) recalls his mother preparing the family for the all-important family portraits. These photographs were declarations of the Trujillo family pride and self-worth. It was an elaborate affair, where everyone looked their best in specially chosen clothes and well-groomed hair. Drawing inspiration from his fond childhood memories, each of the following portraits acts as a visual testament to the photographer and the potential and ambitious intentions of its young subject. As a series, it offers a striking and elegant portrayal of a culture that cherishes not only modern values of beauty, grace and style, but also classic and perhaps even romantic ideals of dignity and valour.

Joaquin Trujillo joined forces with Brian Paumier in 2001 and their work has been exhibited in numerous art shows, art fairs and magazines. Los Niños, represented by RoseGallery, Santa Monica (California), is Trujillo’s solo project.