Let Me In!




Three hundred pages of photos from the archives of Peruvian-born Mario Testino (1954), featuring backstage and unstaged moments from photo shoots, fill this hardcover edition. The book also includes an intro by Vanity Fair Fashion Director Michael Roberts and a foreword by Nicole Kidman. As one of the 21st century’s most travelled, acclaimed and influential fashion photographers, Mario Testino has unsurpassed access to the most magnetic stars of popular culture. With his eye for a modern kind of elegance liberated from conventional polish, Let me in! is a new chapter from the photographer who has already made his mark with the books Any Objections, Front Row Backstage, Alive, Portraits, Kids, Diana Princess of Wales and numerous exhibitions and publications worldwide. 

Details on this book: Let Me In!, Mario Testino, 306 pages, hardcover, slipcase, 30.9 x 42.5 cm (12.2 x 16.7 in.),  limited to 1,000 copies, numbered and signed by the artist.