Les Creatures Vivantes



Alice Braat (Roosendaal, The Netherlands 1971) graduated from the PhotoAcademy in Amsterdam in december 2010. In this first gallery show she created twelve images; Les Creatures Vivantes. She got inspired by a shop in Paris called La maison Deyrolle, where they sell stuffed animals. When you enter this 'world', you have the feeling that they all come alive when the shop is closed and everybody has left the building. In this series she depicted various live animals, realistic yet surreal. In an almost painterly fashion Braat creates her own reality, one highly sensitive of colour and composition. Animals have played a significant role in Art History and in her work Braat adds to this tradition in a contemporary and personal way. The title hint towards the symbolic meaning of the animals.

This work is on show in Galerie Brandt in Amsterdam until October 2.