Leica Street Photo Winners



The winning selection of the Leica Street Photo competition, hosted by Leica Camera Poland, shows an eclectic collection of 22 outstanding images from the genre of street photography. Within a firework of techniques, styles and personal stories, the collection of winning photographers exposes the breadth of contemporary street photography. The photographers ended up on streets in and outside of cities, on urban and rural journeys, among strangers and friends, dynamic and still situations, coincidental and controlled, embracing not only the potential of the camera but also the potential of personal style and vision.

The selected photographers prove strong authorship and differentiation within their work, including Robert Mainka, with his graphical and static composition, Igor Pisuk who dissolves the borders of the objects in his images through high contrast black and white pictures and the illusive light and shadow play of Marcin Sudak. Each of the images tells its own story about different parts of the world, emphasising that the street is not just asphalt we walk on, but space in which we experience, meet and discover. Representing a new generation of street photographers, this selection of winning photographers beautifully illustrates the many paths that are possible to take, embracing the street, finding things to see that others do not.

The exhibition of the winning photographers can be seen at the Leica Gallery Warsaw at the 3rd floor of the MYSIA 3 building.