​Sorry, No Vacancy



The beautiful light in the American state of Texas has given birth to wonderful pieces of art in the past, like the epic Wim Wenders film Paris, Texas. It also helped visual storyteller Kourtney Roy (b. 1981, Canada) to come up with the series Sorry, No Vacancy. In her colourful and flashy project, Roy uses references from American screen iconography, mythology and folklore, apart from suggesting a reference to work of such artists as Cindy Sherman (b. 1954, United States) and William Eggleston (b. 1939, United States).

A sexy blonde, the protagonist of the series, is, in fact, Roy herself. Like Sherman back in the day, the photographer poses around the remote highways and abandoned tourist stops of the American Southwest as a housewife, attractive cowgirl, and a mysterious criminal. By trying out all these different masks, she forges the real with the symbolic and imaginary and discloses the intimate universe of the bizarre and the uncanny.