Bitter Honeydew




Dust and dirt are permanent sediment on the clandestine salesmen standing along the road, attempting to do business with people who pass by in cars - seemingly in a rush to get from A to B. Aside from the rare distraction of someone stopping to buy a watermelon, the fatigue that comes from passing the long hours at these so-called 'tochkas' can be unbearable.

Kirill Golovchenko (b. 1974, Ukraine) decided to join a group of these fruit sellers and photograph them after dark. The photographic result is as sweet as it is bitter. This effect is all the more intensified when realising the harsh difference between the lives of the tourists, who seem mostly interested in squeezing prices to their lowest limits, and the everyday conditions of those trying to make a living from their merchandise.

The series Bitter Honeydew was featured in GUP #42, the Open Space issue.