For her project Mädchenland, German photographer Karolin Klüppel (b. 1985) spent six months in the Indian village of Mawlynnong. The majority of the population here belongs to the matrilinear organized Khasi-tribe, making the area of Mawlynnong the only place in India where girls are of particular importance - the line of succession passes through the youngest daughter. Klüppel lived close together with the families and took portraits of the girls in their everyday lives as children in the village. Although she photographs them in play, posing, combing their hair, or diving under the surface of the water, the girls seem precociously serious. The images expressively depict a contrast between a solitariness that borders on sorrow with a striking self-sufficiency of the young girls. With Mädchenland, Klüppel traces the concepts of gender and finds a balance between documenting and composing the adult bearing within the girls childishness.

Mädchenland has been published by Hatje Cantz as Kingdom of Girls in September 2016.