J.W. Fike's Photographic Survey of the Wild Edible Botanicals of the North American Continent



Jimmy Fike's work shows beautiful, wild and edible botanicals, photographed against a black background, in a part-artistic, part-scientific survey of North American flora. Fike excavated the plants, arranged them in the studio, photographed them and digitally illustrated them in such a way as to highlight the edible parts in colour, while the remaining are left white or less coloured. "I've tried to make it look like the plant is coming to you in a dream/vision," Fike explains, "and is telling you which parts of it are edible."

Fike has been working on this project for years, resulting in a thoroughly inclusive catalogue with hundreds of photographs. "While this type of art may appear atavistic, its redeployment, in the precise moment of history, is vitally relevant to issues of sustainability and consciousness." With his art, Fike hopes to offer viewers both information and insights, making it possible to reconnect to the natural world.