The End of Cathedrals



Nature is an ephemeral entity constantly moving and changing but on a time scale so immense that its transitions take millennia. These alterations of nature are etched into the surface of this planet in the layers of the earth's crust. The movement of the earth, while still incredibly slow, is fastest on glaciers where the ice melts and refreezes on a yearly cycle. The disruption of the cycle through unintentional human intervention has exacerbated this cycle to vastly more destructive ends.

Jorge Fuembuena (1979, Spain) sees these changes on the Greenland glaciers he photographs. Naming these images after the altitude, longitude and latitude that they were taken at adds a scientific element to these documents of natural beauty. Yet what these images are aiming to do is alter our understanding of time and what it means for something to be monumental and significant. If age confers significance then nature outdoes all of mankind's monuments.