Litho Belgica




If time is the variable that lets us see change at work, then it is perhaps inevitable that we look to objects from different points in time as a way of writing the story of evolution. In this series from Jan Rosseel (1979, Belgium), we see a collection of archival and new images that reference the novel War and Turpentine, written by Stefan Hertman, spanning decades in an interpretation of the memories that we pass down from one generation to another.

Hertman the author based his story on notebooks left behind by his grandfather – memoirs that were themselves written fifty years after the original events took place. Personal stories of the grandfather, told through the hazy gauze of memory, combine with Hertman’s fictions and interpretations to form the novel, which are then re-interpreted and re-combined with contemporarily produced images by the photographer Rosseel. In a dizzying blur of jumping back and forth through time, Rosseel’s images form narratives that dance right across that ridiculous line of credulity between memory’s fact and fiction.

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