ISSP 2013



The International Summer School for Photography (ISSP) takes place in Kuldiga, Latvia and offers six thematic workshops by renowned photographers. Since 2006, ISSP was designed for professional photographers, art and photography students, artists working with photography and other enthusiasts with practical photographic knowledge. 

This year, ISSP hosted 71 participants from 23 countries between 3-11 August. The workshops were hosted by Esther Teichmann, Todd Hido, Yan Morvan, Yuri Kozirev, Andrei Polikanov, Teun van der Heijden and Elina Brotherus. The students create an individual photography project during the week, receiving guidance from their workshop mentor and constructive group criticism. The week ends by presenting the students' works in a group exhibition at an art hall in Kuldiga. 


This portfolio presents the highlights of this year's ISSP. The next ISSP will take place on 2-10 August 2014, the applications announced at the end of March, and their deadlines in May. More information on ISSP.