In the Name of Gravity




Beyond the basic physical laws that govern and maintain our equilibrium, we live in a world that constantly tests our stability in various other forms. This idea motivates Kerry Skarbakka (1970) to continually return to questions regarding the nature of control and its effects on this perceived responsibility. His images stand as ominous messages and reminders that we are all vulnerable to losing our footing and grasp. As was so vividly depicted in the iconic 9/11 image that became known as the 'Falling Man', the work of Skarbakka also conveys the primal qualities of the human condition as a precarious balancing act between the struggle against our desire to survive and our fantasy to transcend. These pictures are a reminder of the human essence being one of a perpetual falling, an in-build flaw that brings with it the responsibility for each individual to catch himself from a self- destruction. Man falls - all the time.