House Of The Seven Ladies



Deeply influenced by the place he grew up, Tito Mouraz (b. 1977, Portugal) created a photographic series about the legend of this rural and reputedly haunted place. The series is comprised of raw, gloomy black and white portraits of people, animals and their surroundings. Exploring the myth of the place, the images depict night, fumes, the moon, sounds of the trees. Mouraz portrayed people that are attached to the land they live in like trees. The series aims to report a persistent return to the same place that shaped him in his childhood, as to show the changes and aging of the territory.

Mouraz on the legend: "It is still said around here that the house is haunted. At the house there lived seven ladies, all maiden sisters. One of them was a witch. On full moon nights, the ladies in their white garments would fly from the balcony to the leafy branches of the chestnut across the street. From there they would seduce men who passed-by. In the House of the Seven Ladies, chatting, getting to know what it was like before me, listening and imagining, was as important as the act of photographing."