Homes at Night



Most renowned for his night pictures of suburban houses, Todd Hido (1968, USA) enjoys leaving his work open to interpretation. While he's often searching for locations that recall his childhood Ohio, he forgoes captions and characters to let the viewers feed their own narratives into his images - Home is after all such a personal concept. After achieving notoriety, he widened the scope of his work and showed that his talented eye has many facets. His magnetic portraits are infused with an alloy of vulnerability, haunting and brawn. Armed with his Pentax 6x7, he also loves to roam around on rainy days and catch poetic, luminous landscapes. In spite of the different genres, his style remains unmistakable: suggestive, pure, and full of things that are not there.

For more information, read GUP's interview with Todd Hido, whose new book, Excerpts from Silver Meadows, comes out in November 2012.