The various Dutch landscapes in Erik Hijweege's (1963) series Holland offer more than just a view of The Netherlands. The scenes that Hijweege photographs look like a miniature version of reality because he uses tilt-shift photography. For example, a big group of people looks like a swarm of insects. Even the Dutch airport Schiphol seems more like the corner of a boy's room than the international airport it is.

Holland makes more than just a tourist calendar of The Netherlands. The series seems to ridicule the arrogance of the Dutch who consider themselves an important country in the world. The series simply comments: "The Netherlands are small, very small."

The series also appeared as a book which can be ordered on his website.

144 pages
305 x 240 mm
De Kunst, 2012
ISBN 9789491196324


Holland from Erik Hijweege was included in the Books section of GUP #35, The Celebration Issue.