Growing up as the child of actors, Alisa Resnik (Russia, 1976) has always been fascinated by the dream worlds of staged settings and designs from an early age. To her, the real fracture, the loss of the past, is not so much related to a geographical location that ceased to exist. It has more to do with what remains: a sense of nostalgia, the urge for that time when the soul was not yet torn. Looking for a mirror, always looking for a mirror…

“As if looking through the windows of a passing train, photography gives a chance to build a safe shelter of sensation on the quick sands of reality. Leaden-coloured sceneries, dying factories, echoing empty halls, old rooms still keeping a subtle feeling of the past, and faces, people's faces. Hurried glances, small awkward gestures, hands searching for a support, grief or harshness in the corner of an eye – like birds ready to flutter out of their nests in search of your sympathy, break through the glass of loneliness.”

Hoarse is an attempt to recompose memories in a poetic and evocative photographic tale. It is a personal visual journey across time, and the internal and external places of her childhood and youth.

Alisa Resnik began photographing in 2008, using trips around Europe to gain experience behind the camera, eventually returning to Russia and Ukraine to photograph street scenes in St. Petersburg and Odessa. She is currently represented by Prospekt.


Hoarse was featured as a portfolio in GUP #33, The Stories Issue.