Here Lives My Home




What effect does the confrontation with the objects and interiors of your childhood have on your memories? And what if those memories are of traumatic events? Eddo Hartmann returns to the stately house that he was once forced to leave and registers in impressively minute detail what he discovers, room by room. "After twenty-one years, he stepped inside the rooms of his childhood once again and saw that, as he did so, everything and nothing had changed. Everything – because a thick layer of papers, folders, letters and books covered the floors, tables, sofas and chairs. Nothing – because under that layer everything was still intact, everything was standing or lying exactly as it did when his brother, his mother and he had left the place in haste on 17 October 1987," notes Professor Douwe Draaisma in his accompanying essay. Only the huge mound of papers and junk on the floor betrayed the fact that his father had, for all that time, continued to live there. A gripping visual testimony.

Here Lives My Home (Hier woont mijn huis) is available for sale as a book published by Lannoo.

74 pages
240 x 300 mm
Lannoo, 2012
ISBN 9789401402248