A Frame Without a Name



The series A Frame Without a Name is about the social consequences caused by the fear of terror. Belgian based photographer Guus Bakker (b. 1989, NL) started the project in reaction to the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13th 2015, when he noticed that beyond the fear of being a victim of terror, there were collective changes that this fear caused on society.

The fear that Bakker experienced during the terrorist attack changed his perception of the meaning of certain objects and locations. Bakker explains that when he visited the cinema, he realised something had changed, and he was aware that he was interpreting the space differently than before the attacks. He travelled to several locations immediately following the attacks, like the border between France and Belgium, which had been closed, and photographed the things that appeared to him to be different because of the events that had transpired. Through his series, he aims to translate the collective fear caused by terror in a symbolic and poetic way.