Good People




This new book by one of The Netherlands' most renowned photojournalists is a reflection of his domestic journalistic and documentary photography through the years. Integration, (in)tolerance, the asylum policy and the mixing of culture and identity are recurring themes in his extensive oeuvre. The last few years have been tough in that respect, but this book has a positive undertone. The title also refers to that: when you used to visit someone – at least in the convivial province of Brabant – and you called 'good people', you were automatically welcome. According to Van den Broek, Good People is ultimately a reflection of that tolerance and it certainly can't hurt to be reminded of that occasionally.

Goed Volk / Good People is available for sale from the publisher, Lecturis Books.

180 pages
240 x 300 mm
Lecturis, 2012
ISBN 9789070108885

Joost van der Broek was previously featured on the cover of GUP #27, with an image that later won 2nd prize in the Dutch Silver Camera award, and 2nd prize in the 2011 World Press Photo awards for portraits.


Good People from Joost van der Broek was included in the Books section of GUP #35, The Celebration Issue.