Concrete passages about closeness and coldness… and a couple of songs.



We live in a world of concrete and tarmac, into which great operas are performed — our daily lives. These cold materials house the life of cities and act as a stage for the moments of connection and action, which bring us together or tear us apart. Using these concrete backdrops Gabor Kasza (1977, Hungary) constructs ‘songs’ with the human figure, linked by intermissions and interludes of geometric concrete and light.

The brief bursts of colour and action draw the eyes throughout this series, yet they become very short lived and small in comparison to the constant permeating grey and black. Perhaps this is a metaphor for the permanence of our constructions against the ephemerality of life. With the greys taking on further depth as a storage medium for the future impacts, scratches and marks we will leave behind. A record of those grand operas.