Buried Reflections in the Silo



Igor Posner, Devin Yalkin, Samuele Pellecchia, and Francesco Merlini are all members of Prospekt, an agency based in Italy for which they all individually establish projects that are documentary in style and humanistic by intend.

Besides being professionals, doing their job, these photographers are also human beings of course – with a full package of emotions (obsessions, memories, recollections, fears, and so on). They have an undeniable physical presence. That is, they are always somewhere, personally and undivided. It sounds so obvious, but it is so easily forgotten. Hence, this portfolio is meant to stress on their subjective being-in-the-world.

Individually, these photographers aptly depict things as seen yet – remarkably – the end results are within close range from each other, stylistically. Over the years, they might have established a collective mental map. When they operate intuitively, beyond the scope of any assignment, what their cameras thus register might indeed arrive from one and the same primal level; one in which life is not depicted as something that can be studied but rather simply lived.

This Spring, a selection of over 120 prints – all in black and white – of these four Prospekt photographers will be exhibited at the History Museum of Tblisi, Georgia - in the context of the Kolga Tblisi Photo Festival.