Faded with time...



Czech photographer Jovan Dezort (b. 1934) was an editor and photojournalist in the Photography Department of the Czechoslovak News Agency (CTK) between 1960 - 1974, later working in other organisations before becoming a freelance photographer in 1984. During his life, he has photographed daily life in Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic and Slovakia), the Vietnam War, public affairs, as well as celebrities including the fellow Czech photographer Josef Sudek.

Faded with time... is an exhibition showing a retrospective of 100+ large format prints of his work primarily from the '60s and '70s, and the selection of images here focuses specifically on his images of Czech street life and daily life. Dezort's images offer an inside look at a country behind the iron curtain, where it had been since 1948 and would remain until 1989. They offer hints towards the political climate -- for example as seen in the gigantic Soviet Star domineering over the Julius Fučík Park of Culture and Rest (now Výstaviště), or in the Stalin Monument on Letná hill (where a metronome now stands) overlooking people as they walk along the river esplanade -- though the politics of the time are not the focus of these images. Instead, they represent the simple daily life of normal people: newspaper salesmen and day labourers, families and children. His images connect with, and talk with, the work of his contemporary Viktor Kolář, for example the scene of hanging diapers echoes between both of their series, both taken during the '60s, though it's hard to say now which was taken first (Kolář's is dated 1964, Dezort only remarks the '60s). Dezort portrays a fascinating slice of time, soberly as a photojournalist yet also with a sense of humor.

Faded with time... is on exhibit in Prague at the Old Town Hall (Staroměstská radnice) from Sept 12 - Oct 14, 2014.