The Last Exit



The book The Road by Cormac McCarthy tells the story of a father's journey with his young son in a post-apocalyptic world, in search of food and salvation. After reading this book, Rome-based photographer Fabio Moscatelli was inspired to produce his series The Last Exit, based on a journey he made searching for his inner identity.

In 1996, Moscatelli's father died, and since then, there has not been a day that Moscatelli did not think about him. The journey he embarks on is based on memories from his own childhood until the present day, as he himself is now a father. He aims to show in every photograph a fragment of his father and tries to bring him to life through his photography.

Moscatelli says that the journey does not stop, as it does with life, but "our journey is endless, since when I will stop dreaming of you then you will dream of me, and we will stay together forever as we have done so far..."