On the night of November 21 2013, protests rose on the streets of Kiev, Ukraine. Pro-European at first, but it wasn't long before the first Molotov cocktails were thrown and the uprising turned to defy the pro-Russian government. Photographer Mikhail Palinchak was caught in the middle of this sudden explosion of violence, but instead of locking himself safely inside his house, he took out his camera and hit the streets for 3 months, from November 22 until February 22, with the results collected in his series Euromaidan.

His images are witness to an apocalyptic reality that overshadows Kiev and other big cities in Ukraine ever since the protests escalated. Being Ukrainian himself, Palinchak was able to get much closer to the events than a foreign reporter could have and his series delivers the merciless destruction of the Ukrainian capital to us firsthand.  The consequences of suppressing a people until they have no chance but to stand up and fight become distinctly clear in his photos.