I Can See Right Through You



Family albums often overlook the negative, highlighting only the happiest memories from daily life and special events, to be remembered and looked back upon with nostalgia. American photographer Erin Geideman captures the opposite in her series I Can See Right Through You, exploring themes of intimacy, alienation and pain. The series focuses on two brothers, Ian and Michael, and Michael’s wife, who helps cares for Ian since he was shot in the stomach. Photographing her friends since high school, Geideman has seen them grow together and apart, with Michael’s own family expanding as he has children and Ian becoming more isolated, exacerbated by his anxiety and alcoholism. This documentation of American life in a dwindling city conveys the everyday depression that many people go through, although the small pleasures leave them with hope.

Erin Geideman was one of the 38 photographers selected for the shortlist of GUP#47, our 10th anniversary issue, for which an Open Call was held. The issue is available for order on our webshop.