Encouble is a series by Delphine Burtin that is exploring the boundaries between perception and truth. The title of the series arrives from ’s’encoubler’ which means to stumble or to strike one’s foot against something that makes one stagger or fall. Burtin is fascinated by visual accidents and the camera becomes a tool for her visual experimentation. Through the investigation of everyday sensations she captures and reconstructs impressions of what she calls a vague reality. Her work combines images that are shot in the studio with those taken outside in natural light. Through the cutting up of images and re-photographing of earlier prints she tries to distance herself from reality in order to question it. ‘I like it when our brain plays tricks on us and creates a trompe-l’oeil, making us see and believe something that is not, in fact, there.’ says Burtin about her work. Encouble emphasises on the shown as much as it does on the hidden in order to stimulate a metaphorical exploration of our relationship with the world and with each other.