Empty Bottles




Dutchmen Thijs groot Wassink (1981) and Ruben Lundgren (1983) both graduated Dutchmen Thijs groot Wassink (1981) and Ruben Lundgren (1983) both graduated from the photography department of the Utrecht School of the Arts in the summer of 2005. Empty Bottles takes a concentrated look at the daily ritual of China’s refuse collectors. Beijing and Shanghai form the backdrop to these pictures of 24 bottle collectors attracted by the bottles in front of the view camera. Part-time scavengers, full-time collectors and cleaners, one after the other. Clinical images in which the last remains of refuse are removed by apparently random passers-by. In the publication, the pictures accompany essays by Volkskrant’s China correspondent Hans Moleman and Sinologist and former NRC China correspondent Floris-Jan van Luyn.

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