El Fondo De La Sombra



Mysticism lies at the heart of Mexican photographer Dolores Medel’s (b. 1982) series El Fondo De La Sombra (Spanish for the bottom of the shadow). Through her photographs she shares pieces of her family’s contradictory and complex history. Medel photographed in Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz – the area in Mexico that she is from.

Medel’s photographs of trees represent her desire to reflect on human roots. Likewise, the smoke and haze symbolize the “magical area” that she describes Los Tuxtlas to be.

El Fondo De La Sombra approaches living entities in all forms, emphasizing the connection that exists between family members, nature, animals and even insects. From two people hugging to a girl smelling a man’s feet to a mosquito resting peacefully on a woman’s head, Medel captures an intimacy that lingers.