Django Du Voyage




In the summer of 2010, Dorothy-Shoes (1979, France) hopped in her car and made her way into Django's life. When the French government started dismantling Roma camps and deporting gypsies (gens du voyage in French), she chose to express herself through the everyday life of Django and his family.

Instead of delivering a faithful, political documentary on an outcast community, Dorothy-Shoes peppers Django's reality with her delicate touch on surrealism. This is an ode to the mysticism surrounding the nomadic way of life. Extricating the human from the clichés and taming the beast of bias, what is captured here is the essence of a man, with palpable affection and more than a little poetry.

Dorothy-Shoes, who originally studied art therapy, is a self-taught photographer. She has had solo shows all over the world and was awarded two French national prizes in 2010 for her series What about tomorrow? Portraits of the Future, which also won her first place at La Bourse du Talent Portrait 2010. Django du Voyage is published by Rouergue editions (2011).