Andrew Miksys (b. 1969) spent ten years travelling through Lithuanian villages, photographing teenagers in the local discos. The small communities have a history of war, genocide, occupations, and, more recently, pressures brought by capitalism. Most of the discos Miksys documented are located in old Soviet-era culture houses, though some take even more unexpected forms, such as a disco in a converted synagogue. Miksys became fascinated with the remains he found in these youthful dance clubs, rummaging through the back rooms: gas masks, discarded Lenin paintings, old Soviet movie posters. The discos are not just discos, but the traces of a dead empire.

The series seamlessly blends the feeling of a crumbling past with the uncertain future of a new generation, providing an intensely sober look into the lives of the discos' attending populations. Usually relegated to the edges of Lithuanian society, Miksys puts these people in the centre of his work.

DISKO has also been published as a book.