Cosmo Dubai



“Hello my dear, what can I do for you?”, asks Dr. Ayman Hajjar, one of the few cosmetic surgeons who's is happy to meet Robin de Puy (1986, Amsterdam). Two days of visiting clinic after clinic in the burning sun of Dubai, Robin feels very happy to encounter a smile in the pleasantly chilled clinic.  Dr. Hajjar asks her to sit down and once again she begins to tell her story. 

There's no shortage of Cosmetic surgeons. A somewhat hanging eyelid, thin lips or a nose that's considered too big is easily fixed at one of the many clinics at the Jumeirah Road and the Al Wasl Road. Just walk in and leave the building reshaped. Expat wifes as well as Arabic women undergo surgery more and more often. Shopping malls are filled with tiny noses and pump full pink lips. Despite the fact that cosmetic surgery is part of the Dubai life, women are not at all willing to admit they had something done. 

Luckily Robin found an Arabic woman in the shopping mall who was willing to pose for her. In a clinic she encountered a woman who whishes she to get her old face back more than anything in the world. Now, she only dares to walk the streets with big black sunglasses to cover the failed surgeries. Robin couldn't find find more women for her project and so she turned to Dr. Ayman, who responded:

“Well, I will help you.  I will give you upper eye led surgery, a lip filler, nose surgery, under eye filler and a boob job. Would that help for you?”

Special thanks to Ayman Hajjar of the FACIAL CLINIC.