The works in the series named Coincidences by Sylvia Ballhause (Halle, Germany 1977), are emerged from the question what is or what is not a photographic image? More precisely: What is the difference between fact and arte-fact – especially when the photographical material begins to disturb the represented/depicted image. Sylvia: "I searched for examples, in which the image information, which normally immediately draws attention, becomes almost invisible. And where at the same time the image carrier, which is normally invisible or out of focus in photography, becomes visible."

The material found ranges from famous icons of photography, like the Munich Daguerre-Triptych, to glas-plate negatives from unknown or anonymous photographers with which Ballhause worked in different ways. All works engage with the combination of abstraction and concrete depiction and the relation between material and image. Like fragments of memory the photographic image seems to be a noise in the background. In contrast the materiality of the image carrier appears real and concrete.

Coincidences is awarderd at this year's portfolio reviews of Rencontres d' Arles in France. See more of Sylvia Ballhause's photographs at her website.